GOKYO is a one-man business on a mission to make digital products of exceptional quality.

Using my engineering skills and real-world experience, I design and build simple, robust and useful software. I always do my best, keep learning and take pride in my craft.


My name is Logan Raarup. I have a B.Eng. degree in Integrated Design, but I have been creating software since I got my first computer. I have experience with a wide range of industries and technologies, and take a business-driven approach to software development.

When I'm not coding, I spend time with my wife and kids, play guitar or go fishing, and I am (probably a bit too) geeky about cooking, wine and coffee.


I have more than 14 years of experience designing and developing software systems from scratch.

Having passed the 10,000-hour mark, I know how to spend my time efficiently and successfully complete projects.

I've worked on...
Web applications
Desktop applications
Backend & API services
Big Data & distributed systems
Numerical & scientific computing
Embedded firmware

I believe that good code is...
Beautifully simple
Elegant and efficient
Intuitive and fun
Consistent and organized
Readable and comprehensible


Development of web applications is my core competence. One of the things I like about back end development is the challenge of reducing complex business logic into a clean API while focusing on security and performance optimization.

I mainly work with Ruby (Rails/Sinatra), JS (Node), Python (Flask), C++ and PHP on the server side.


Even with a solid back end, an application is only as good as its front end. It is key to have a performant and responsive front end that works great on any device.

I have extensive experience with Meteor, Ember, HTML5, D3, Famous, HAML/Jade/Liquid, Sass/Less and jQuery on the client side.


Designing a maintainable and scalable database requires thorough analysis, modeling, indexing and in-depth knowledge about the characteristics and performance of the underlying database.

I work with relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis) databases and use an ORM/ODM (ActiveRecord, SQLAlchemy, Mongoid) when it makes sense from a performance and complexity standpoint.


Automated tests are essential to the robustness and longevity of an application.

I am experienced with TDD and BDD practices including Unit Tests, User Stories and Mocking. I use Continuous Integration tools to maintain application integrity.

Simplicity is the central element in my design vocabulary.

My goal is to integrate functionality and aesthaetics in a good, long-lasting design that is stripped of anything superfluous.

First and foremost, I am an engineer.

I do not, however, subscribe to the notion that engineers should be strictly concerned with technical disciplines.

My broad skill set enables me to create consistent, pleasant and intuitive experiences by considering everything from technology and architecture to user interface, colors and typography in every design decision.


The user interface is a huge opportunity to improve the overall success of a product. It allows for differentiation on the market, reduction of support and increasing customer satisfaction.

I am passionate about building user interfaces and I always pay great attention to make the user experience reach its full potential.


Although I am not a graphic designer by trade, I possess the basic skills required to create simple illustrations and icons, when a dedicated designer is excessive.

Would you like to work with me?

I do freelance work and consulting on all kinds of projects. Let's talk if you have an idea, an existing product or if you just need some advice.

+45 23 90 77 00

I'm based in Denmark but I work together with people from all over the world.